Spanish version here. Build that wall as high and as impenetrable as you want. Imagine Mexico does not exist. Take away once and for all the oil companies that steal the natural resources of our country. Let the multinationals pack their things and go fatten your population, exploit your workers. Leave our land in peace, let us be two strangers who ignore each other. Once you are in it, plant the drugs you consume in your own fields, and take all the deaths due to the war against drug lords. Let them pollute your politics with the corruption of the criminals that buy our political establishment with meager gifts.

English translation by Jesús García Barcala

The Great Wall is in Chinese

Donald TrumpAfter you build a wall on the border, you will leave a mess in our side, but our people will enjoy a Renaissance seldom seen in history. The mean interests inherent to your empire will soon be forgotten and our noble people will find itself again. We will grow again; peace will grow among us and we will go back to our true nature of brothers, always concern about each other and today blinded by the neoliberal consumerism imposed three decades ago by the Chicago School. The rubbish bin of the ambitious practices will be cleaned and the vital spirit that made our nation great, thriving, educated and brilliant, will grow again.

Bird in hand?

We don’t need your advice, nor the abusive loans or your crushing franchises. We do not need your sad stereotypes we do not need your heroes, entrepreneurs, conquerors. We have in our genes another kind of greatness, related to matters that you would not understand, such as peace, family or harmony. Our freedom is not just a façade of slavery imposed by means of the law, but  of walking as far as we can go with the clothes on. Wherever we go, we will have brothers willing to share roof and food, and their time, their history, art and science on a delicious dish.  

Build it as long as you want, even over the waves of the seas East and West. In this way, we will escape from your fishing industry that take away all of our faun and pollute our seas.  If you like, you can send us back all the brains that ran to your country after the somniferous American Dream.

I foresee an explosion of joy in millions of families who miss them and an explosion of progress with what they learned in their exile.  They created a welfare not often seen in the world, without betraying their values as they are taught over there. They will come back home exhausted from complying with war schedules, day and night without sleep.

They will see how, here, in spite of the manipulating that imitated yours, we can maintain that family love, the strength of the communities, the cultural and social wealth that not even our miserable governments, sold out to yours, have not been able to detour even a bit.

With your wall, there will be an explosion of development seldom seen in Mexico. Clic para tuitear

I propose the García Doctrine

I propose to you, in exchange of that “Monroe Doctrine”,  the new “Garcia Doctrine” that I baptized with my own last name. That instead, “America for the Americans”, it becomes “Mexico without the American executioners”. Take with you your Coca-Cola, your Standard Oil, your Caterpillar. Without your abusive imperialism, we will solve our problems in a more creative, ecological and sustainable ways, without a zeal to conquer. Better yet, we will do it without losing our lives, our love for nature, the love of our brothers, just being as the genetic power dictates, human beings enjoying the experience of life in this world. We will enjoy sunrises and  rediscover the stars hidden by years under the cream of pollution.

And don’t get the wrong idea, as you usually do. We do not want to go back to an aboriginal stage, walking half naked. We also know about the progress of the people, of the comfort of turning the tap and getting water or about the writing of just laws. We can do it without the opportunist influence of your empire, in which each law steals a thousand rights and imposes two thousand obligations. We build our houses with effort, and we build them consciously, working the stone. We do not build them with plasterboard like the ones you inhabit. Those only for the show. They shine but they do not last.  Indeed, we are people, not machines. We learn the lessons. We have seen how our schools have books with more American than Mexican heroes. What a despicable submission!  

Life without a wall

I really regret that the Americans, cheated, see you rule their country. I am sorry they have to suffer for four years the disasters we have already endured, with incompetent presidents. They, like you, would also like a more human, less robotic lifestyle. They would love to go out to the country and enjoy nature, as they did in the past. They would love to plant vegetables in their gardens, to walk in the parks for leisure and not to keep the stress of their employees with an body tired of processing the crap they buy in fast-food franchises.

I would love to see you build the wall nazi-style, to be witness of my nation’s awakening. Clic para tuitear

But I would love to see you build the nationalist, nazi-style wall, to be witness of my nation’s awakening, oppressed by imperialist policies that have stopped us from growing. Those policies have stolen our sovereignty and have tied us in such a way that sank millions of our Mexican countrymen in poverty. Because they had to emigrate to your country, searching for a better life, and they ended up becoming slaves of your expansionist ideology. The same ideology that reduces men to condition of machines of driven response.

Obviously, there a more than two options…

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En la columna lateral, arriba: Formulario de suscripción. ¡Gracias!

I do not believe either in a vision contrary to your monopolist capitalism, reduced by your ideas to socialism and lefts, more or less sauvage, I don’t know. Because the American Empire has been able to avoid any attempt to shine outside of your control. I vote for a third ideological sphere, neither in favor or against you.  A human culture without labels that values man and woman in their nature, with their potential. They are capable of learning, have fun and be happy. They are human enough to be free and in constant, but  no sprinting, progress. Communities without gods and without sickening protagonisms which enjoy life, create art and write their own history. They discover their fears and invent without patents, to give away the profits in the service of the others.

Go ahead, Trump, build your wall and leave us alone.  

Por Joe Barcala

José Luis García Barcala, Joe Barcala, es Maestro en Literatura y Licenciado en Comunicación. Nace el 6 de septiembre de 1967 en el Puerto de Veracruz. Tiene 8 obras publicadas y publica en distintos espacios.

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