(En español aquí) In may 1967, one of the most important works of the Hispanic-American´s literature: One hundred years of solitude was published by the lovely Gabriel García Márquez, Colombian, who was born in 1927 in Aracataca. He wrote more than one hundred novels, in addition to movie scripts, translations, reports, interviews, speeches, theater plays, stories, etc.

English translation by Joe Barcala, With the help of Jesús García Barcala

One hundred years of solitude

With his very peculiar narrative style, Gabo give us this jewel that fascinates everyone, makes us laugh and moves us to the extreme. It allows us to dream and enter in the Buendía´s life: José Arcadios, Aurelianos and others who claim to latin american world in its beliefs, customs, dramas and colours.


It is the time of the “Boom” of Hispanic-American literature and Gabriel is found in all the canonic lists as one of its most representative writer. He won the Nobel Prize of literature in 1982, precisely because this marvelous novel, which well deserves a new reading to those who have already enjoyed it, in this uncertain and mysterious 2017 which comes to us with a noisy arrival.

One hundred years of solitude


One hundred years of solitudeEnjoy each one of the adventures could help us create new imaginary worlds, full of fantasy, like women rising to the sky, 4 year storms, babies carried by ants and ghosts following their killers, all of this wrapped in a magical-realistic story which summarizes the foundation of a town, the arrival of progress, from the visits of gypsy Melquiades to the yellow butterflies over Mauricio Babilonia.


This first 50 years has converted to One hundred years of solitude (Cien años de soledad) in an icon of the good contemporary literature and to his author, Gabo, in one of the best narrators in history.

Por Joe Barcala

José Luis García Barcala, Joe Barcala, es Maestro en Literatura y Licenciado en Comunicación. Nace el 6 de septiembre de 1967 en el Puerto de Veracruz. Tiene 8 obras publicadas y publica en distintos espacios.

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